Starting over again.

29 09 2010
Myself by myself. All that hands... girls should love me.

Myself by myself. All that hands... girls should love me.

Well, I should be doing something more important but I decided to create a new blog. I had one before… this new one will be in english and I think it should be a good practicing for me… I can communicate but I don’t have THAT english, you know.

I don’t even know what this blog is going to be about… nothing or everything. I love so many things and sometimes is hard to have time for all of them. Sometimes, you know, you just wanna talk about something and keep wondering if someone is there listening.

You know, life changes all the time. We are changing all the time. Then I decided to change a lot of things in my life. Like brazilian 70′s rocker Raul Seixas said “Eu prefiro ser essa metamorfose ambulante do que ter aquela velha opinião formada sobre tudo.” (something like “I rather be this walking metamorphosis than have that same old opinion about everything.”)

So, I’m starting over again.



6 responses

29 09 2010
Michelle Takashima

Hello, Marcelo.
I liked your first post. Is is excellent!
Yes, it will be good for your English.
I will stay in tune. ^^

29 09 2010

And you’re my first comment! Thank you!
Best wishes for us.

30 09 2010

I think thats great! You can practice …I can pactive with you. And I think you should be some kind of stubler, a Marcelo stumbler…like with all the great stuff on the internet that you find and like a lot. It would be nice to know what kinda stuff you like…

30 09 2010
Marcelo Prati

Great idea! Kind of everything-I-like-news!
Goddamn assorted blog hahahahah
Love u!

30 09 2010

Good Marcelo!
One step at time you write a newspaper!

30 09 2010
Marcelo Prati

Thank you Angelo! You’re always a good friend.

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