You Keep on Moving (Deep Purple)

30 09 2010
My State Countryside... my shot.

My State Countryside... my shot.

Ok, I’ve got an idea. Every post will have a loved song’s name. Must to have something about my spirit and the moment. With that “english blog thing”, I should force myself to give more attention to songs lyrics. I love this song and how it sounds. It is kind of strength gathering, preparing for the unknown.  I like this spirit, I’m having these kind of days. Even slowly, but keep believing you can do it.

I like these positive attitude thoughts. I really think it makes some difference. Like song says, wheels are turning everyday. We are defying life all the time. We know nothing about tomorrow, and it’s only a concept. Tomorrow don’t even exists. Anyway we make plans. I have plans. And this is splendid for me, it is challenge the fate itself!

Ok. After a good black coffee, I’m awake… Let me look for something to do. Have some plans for today.

Thanks for every dear friend that read my blog yesterday. Thanks to Michelle Takashima and her curious blog that reminded me how I love japanese language. Learn it seriously is a plan for a near future. Visit her!

And… here goes the song!



3 responses

30 09 2010
André Prando

This song make me feel travelling in a highway over hills… hair at the wind… nothing else matters, just that moment… just a good feeling… Interesting post, drugue 😉

30 09 2010
Marcelo Prati

Isnt great the same song tell us different things?

5 10 2010
Michelle Takashima

Oh, good idea, Prati! I liked it.
This song is awesome. =)
Thank you.

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