Need Some Love (RUSH)

6 01 2011

Lazy week. Little working but doing something with my mind. Reading, going out, cooking, drawing and writing. This morning I had my daily walk and noticed something:

“What Rush’s discography was doing out of my morning walk playlist, for god sake?”

So, there was me. Walking and playing an invisible guitar.

Funny thing: Today there are a lot of clouds in the sky. Sun was all hidden when suddenly a shot of light hit me. I took a look over there, and there was an eye shape in the clouds with sun in the middle, like a lazy giant with bright eyes. I laughed and gave him good morning. He looked me for some seconds till a grey cover shutted the eye, like calico’s eyelids and he was back to sleep.

That’s me.

And here goes the song!




2 responses

6 01 2011
Rodrigo Faleiros

From times to times, we remember something that we haven’t listened for a long time but used to be a major presence in our playlists in the past. When you notice it’s absence, you can see how much you’ve changed over this period and how much you’ve grown. And there is good and rejoice!

And then you eat sir Robin’s ministrels, and there is good and rejoice! #MontyPython

6 01 2011
Marcelo Prati

I had a LOT of these feelings today.
Opening an old HD. Photo, video, music, smells and taste.
Time flies and that’s beautiful.

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