My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (Frank Zappa)

5 04 2011

Love this song. Don’t wanna kill anybody. Don’t get me wrong. Just thought I’ve got to post something here on the blog. hahahahah I’m in such of need to play some elec guitar. I’m having better days.. better, I didn’t said they’re easy. Nothing more. And here goes the song.


Got To Get You Into My Life (The Beatles)

13 02 2011

Kind of time out of my blog. Well, I know I have not many readers as I would like… maybe I should do some changes. And talking about changes, a lot of strange things are happening. Things I thought could never happen to me at all. I’m trying to keep an open and peaceful mind to face all of these. You may think I’m not afraid or I just don’t care about it but isn’t true. That’s all absolutely new and scary for me too.

Today’s song is one of my favorite from Revolver album. We never know what we’ll find there. But take the ride, another road can take you to another kind of mind.

And here goes the song:

Afterglow (INXS)

28 01 2011

Kind of sad, kind of hopeful. Nothing to talk about and a lot to feel.

And here goes the song:

It Don’t Come Easy (George Harrison)

8 11 2010

Monday again. Had my morning walk, gonna have a breakfast and keep running for my dreams once again. I’m waiting for some good news… they’re coming soon. Let me go, need a good shower and some coffee.

The Rover (Led Zeppelin)

1 11 2010

Two days passed and I still can’t take this song out of my head. Got my guitar and played it for some time. This riff is awesome…

I had a good weekend. Met a lot of old friends at a Sushi Fest. For today, more rain. I like this. Cloudy sky, cold breeze, some rain… good weather. Only for me should I say? hahahahaha

Wishing everyone’s fine, bring you all my brainwasher song. And its strong and sexy riff. Love these lyrics too.

Change the World (Eric Clapton)

19 10 2010

Absolutely tired for today. A massage! A massage! My kingdom for a massage! My legs hurts.. walked a lot for some job stuff. I’m changing my world.

You Get What You Give (New Radicals)

11 10 2010


“We’ve got the dreamers disease…” and isn’t great?










Here goes the song.