It Don’t Come Easy (George Harrison)

8 11 2010

Monday again. Had my morning walk, gonna have a breakfast and keep running for my dreams once again. I’m waiting for some good news… they’re coming soon. Let me go, need a good shower and some coffee.


Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)

7 11 2010

I love this song. From the very first moment I listened it. A quiet sunday is ending. Had a fine day, not all alone, not at all with company. Sometimes I feel out of all this mess, sometimes I feel deeper inside it. There’s nothing left to say or I just have nothing to say. So for now I’m just going to sit down here and enjoy my own silence.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2)

5 11 2010

I always sometimes feel something is missing.

The Rover (Led Zeppelin)

1 11 2010

Two days passed and I still can’t take this song out of my head. Got my guitar and played it for some time. This riff is awesome…

I had a good weekend. Met a lot of old friends at a Sushi Fest. For today, more rain. I like this. Cloudy sky, cold breeze, some rain… good weather. Only for me should I say? hahahahaha

Wishing everyone’s fine, bring you all my brainwasher song. And its strong and sexy riff. Love these lyrics too.

Getting Better (The Beatles)

29 10 2010

Weekend is coming. A circle finishes and another one starts once more.  It always makes me better. I like this “circle-thing” way of thinking life. It never ends. It’s just a new beginning. Every single morning, every week, year or what else. I know sometimes I’m just a fool, but I’m trying to be better. Today’s post is for a dear friend I’m missing these last days. Of course, lyrics got some words that have nothing with me, the “angry man” or “beating woman” parts… it’s really not me hahahahaha But I love the sensation that song brings me.. and believe me when I tell you, “I was mean but I’m changing my scene, and I’m doing the best that I can.”

Hey Jude (The Beatles)

28 10 2010

Some days ago I was wondering about my mp3 player’s list. Most of albums are from 60’s and 70’s. Love how these songs sounds like.

I having a hell damned hard week. God knows I’m moving through it. Made a quizz about beatles songs and it said Hey Jude was my song for today. May I take this sad song and make it better.

Ramble On (Led Zeppelin)

27 10 2010
Nothing like homemade pizza.

Nothing like homemade pizza.

Had a weird last day. Here we’ve got a lot of sun ALWAYS. Suddenly kind of a hard rain was falling. I was walking, looking for a place and google maps was wrong! I was going to the inverse direction. Had to come back all the way long with rain over me…  I was absolutely soaked but didn’t gave up. Life really can has some hidden meanings for me.

Anyway I made some pizza for dinner. I love to cook, don’t you know? I like this easy and beautiful dough from Jamie Oliver’s recipes.

I love today’s song. Gives me strenght to carry on when I’m all alone. Now is the time, the time is now, ramble on for your dreams. Love Jimmy Page’s guitar stuff too. I’m kinda fan, you know. My guitar playing style can be classified like a Page’s cheap copy… hahahaha Pentatonic scales, that naked sound, volume and tone working, and a lot of style… (of course, I need more working with this style part…)

Let me go.. is time to ramble on.

So here goes the song. Those who don’t know it, wish you enjoy.